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We become Common more tolerant of differences and broaden our understanding and appreciation of our customers around the world.
"Secret of My Business”

Employing the right person for my small business might be the most important part of my venture. An effective recruitment and selection process reduces turnover. These processes match up the right person with the right job skills. Interviews and background checks ensure that my employ a candidate who is reliable and carries out the objectives you planned for providing quality services and goods to my customers.


It is important to list the skills my new hire will need to fulfill his duties. I get much better results in my recruitment process if my advertise specific criteria that are relevant to the job. Include all necessary skills, and include a list of desired skills that are not necessary but that would enhance the candidate's chances. If I fail to do this, I might end up with a low-quality pool of candidates and wind up with limited choices to fill the open position.

Screening and Interview Process

My screening process provides a vital opportunity for focus on what candidates can offer my company. It is important that my screen heavily, either by using I own judgment or by enlisting the help of managers I trust. The interviewer must know what the job is and what will be required for a new hire to perform well. The interview process also allows to the opportunity to express my company’s vision, goals and needs. It is vital that the interview elicits responses from applicants that can be measured against my expectations for the position. If I don’t use the interview to effectively eliminate applicants who don’t fit into my company culture, I might find myself dealing with turnover, confusion and disgruntled employees.


When I choose a candidate based upon the qualifications demonstrated in the resume, the interview, employment history and background check, I will land the best fit for the position. Base I decisions about a specific candidate upon specific evidence rather than any gut instincts. If I hire people who can do the job instead of people I merely like, I will have higher productivity and quality in my products or services.


When I effectively recruit and select the right employee, there is a domino effect. My new hire will do her job well. Employees will see that I make wise decisions. I will gain respect from my workforce, and I will get higher productivity as a result of that respect. This positive attitude will affect the quality of my products or services, and ultimately, my customers' perceptions of my company.

Our Mission
Our mission is to be the preferred and trusted recruitment partner to both our clients and candidates. To achieve this, we are committed to the provision of excellent customer service, quality staffing and competitive pricing. We will continue to work in close consultation with our clients to ensure that their staffing needs are adequately met to their complete satisfaction. And also specializes in adventure tourism and travels. We provide consulting and custom travel arrangements and packages. J F Travels mission is to insure personalized travel plans for reach client and to be the “First call “for all our client’s travel reservations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the employers’ preferred Recruitment Agency of choice based on the extent and quality of our service. We also endeavor to be the preferred platform for candidates to discover and pursue exciting careers with their ideal organizations. J F travels offer world class services and quality travels arrangements to its clients. It differentiates itself from its competitors by providing unique and personalized services to each customer.

Message from Proprietor

We are diversified company operating as Manpower Recruiting, Consulting Operator’s Travel and Tour Operators, based in Sri Lanka, pioneering operations for the last few years. We are registered with Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

Our office is located in the heart of Colombo, Which is the capital of Sri Lanka.

As a Manpower Recruiting Agent, we take Pride in our efforts to choose the right person for the right position/job, In this regard we shoulder the onus of responsibility, making clients satisfaction as our main priority and primary responsibility, rather than focusing on short term and benefits.

We have an efficient highly qualified and dedicated team, to meet these requirements and you can be rest assured, of our excellent services at all times, The government of Sri Lanka has created a distinct ministry towards the welfare of the families of those working overseas.

Gihan Jayawardane

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